May 20, 2018


*Pictured above is the Official GeoTour Completion Geocoin.
A fundraising coin will also be produced featuring Signal!

Thank you for participating in the EarthCaching 101 GeoTour, Track #1. The first 100 GeoTour GeoCoins were provided for free. However, we will continue to continue to supply GeoTour Geocoins to those who complete the GeoTour for a small fee. This will help cover the cost of the GeoTour and the GeoCoins.

UPDATE: MAY 25th 2018 12:01AM. ALL FREE GEOCOINS ARE NOW CLAIMED. After you submit your passport a team will review your answers and if correct will send you a link to be able to obtain your Geocoin! Currently in the middle of GeoWoodstock 2018 Giga Event so the review may be delayed up to 7 days. Thank you.

Passport Answers

Look at the very first stone of the walkway. Who is this walk dedicated to?
Look up at the Genius of Water at the top of the Fountain. Just below her feet is a plaque. What is the third word on that plaque? “To the _______......”.
What is the lowest number (numerically) on the flood gauge?
Using the sign at the Earthcache coordinates, finish this exhibit title: “Big Bone Lick: a place of _________”.
Go to the "No Parking" sign to the left of GZ. Check the bottom of the post for a magnet. What words are written there?
Look towards downtown and find the tallest building. Trace that building down until you see a building in the foreground, with a large word on it. The word will be illuminated if it’s dark.
Read the plaque and finish this excerpt: “This park was the _______”.
Go look at the solar panels atop the Green Learning Station. Find the round purple sign amongst the solar panels. Complete this sentence: "The _______ is great up here"
How many benches are in the clearing? Please write out the number (i.e. one, two, three, etc.)
Find the sign with the title “Fossils of the Corryville Formation”. The sign lists four types of fossils: Bryozoans, Brachiopods, _________ and Trilobites. Which is missing here?


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